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 Where's my computer? I know I'm the new guy, but really...  Me & mommy on my special day..  I'm pooped..  Ok, this is really getting out of hand now..  You can't resist me!  Let's go cut the lawn already!  Wanna see me do a wheelie?  Woohoo! This thing is quick!  But I wanna blow out the candles!  Why must I always be strapped in?  Umm, help? Anyone?  Vacation photo at grandma & grandps condo!  Look out below!  I like this tree, it's like a bed!  Swimmin with pops!  Ahh, nothing beats chillin with my monkey...  Can I dig to China?  We love this place!  Dressed to impress!  Can we go dig that hole now?  Brothers stick together!  Johnnie, Pattie, please hold me up, I can't sit on my own yet!  All these boys and no girls?!  Go Devils!  I didn't know they made Jersey's this size!  I'm so happy today!  You look like a goofball..  What are you looking at?  That guy is cool...  This is my birthday crown!  Look, no one's holding me up!  I love parties!
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