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May 2006
Johnnie's first month.

 This levitation thing is harder then I thought..  High-Five for my daddy!  Hey Rocky- I must break you!  Why must you keep waking me up with that flash?!@  Where the hell did my fingers go?! They were just here, I swear!  Werd to your mommie, my rap career is just startin'!  Man.. How am I going to explain losin' my pants to mommy and daddy?  He shoots, he scores! The crowd goes wild!  Where's the handlebars on this hog?  What the.. No jacuzzi?!  You gotta problem with me?!  Dude.. Look at all these chicks around me.. I'm a chick magnet!  The proud parents...  The proud grandparents...  Nap time...  I don't remember seeing all this a day ago...  Don't look at me, I didn't make that mess..  My daddy wishes he had as much hair as I do!  It's a little big, but I'm sure I'll grow into this..  I think I look better then the people in the picture..  Aww...  Laugh at the nookie and I'll pop you one.. First with my left, then with my right!  Stop it, stop it! That tickles!  Not bad, not bad.. Nice big bed, soft pillow..  My daddy also likes to wear yellow..  Ciacia Diana loves me...  Oh man, what a party that was last night..  Boo!